Thursday, October 20, 2011

From THIS side of CrAzY..

Well, after all the lemons and drowning in Lemonade for quite sometime, I have realized that no matter what the circumstance we are all a little crazy.. in our own way. Once in a while we are fortunate enough to find someone that's the same color of crazy, but that's the beauty of individuality. I find that if I people watch long enough, which actually happens to be a favorite past time of mine.. I learn something new and intriguing about human behaviors. One of the blessings most of us have been given is the gift of perception. Many of you (if you are reading this) may have never thought of it this way. But, perception~ when truly appreciated~ Is a wonderful gift. Today I can perceive that there is someone hurting... and I can choose to ignore it.. or I can choose to comfort them. I can perceive that someone is Happy and I can choose to be unhappy for whatever menial reason.. "I didn't get what they got" adopting The "grass is always greener" attitude.. or I can rejoice with them. Their Happiness is my Happiness. Their Victory, MY victory. You get the point. The grass MAY just be greener... BUT... It still has to be mowed! So, from this side of Crazy I CHOOSE: COMFORT  I CHOOSE: HAPPINESS. I believe that this way of thinking is a beautiful Kind of crazy that most of the world has NEVER seen. I want to be "Crazy" enough to hold the door open for someone... pay for the person behind me in line at the diner or restraunt and I want to be "Crazy" enough to walk up to a complete stranger and give them a compliment or ask someone if they need help with their groceries. THAT kind of Crazy... One person at a time... can be contagious and cause an epidemic... and that's EXACTLY the kind of crazy I WANT TO BE!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You have to have a little rain~ before you get a rainbow.

No matter HOW incredibly dark the sky may be above you.. There is something we all must remember:
Once the storm passes.. The sun will rise again. It always does. Like a faithful friend It rises gloriuosly over the horizon and dries away all of the puddles that were left behind.
Over the years I have undoubtedly cried a river. I have seen loss in Epic proportions, I have also felt it too. There is a huge difference in the way we see things and the way we feel them. For instance, I can see something amazing that might take your breath away- but if I dont let the effects of what I have just seen reach the depths of my soul~ I never feel it. Which means I am the poor soul who just beheld something magical and it never took my breath away.
We have to be willing to let moments like these in.. In order to TRULY live.
I may not know much about a whole lot of things, but what I do know... I know well.
Empathy. A word all but forgotten in today's society. I know empathy so well, that at times I have become temporarily depressed simply because the stranger next to me sighed and I felt the weight of that sigh in the depths of my soul. Then I carried that weight around with me for a time.
 If things are ever going to change. WE must be the first to annitiate it. Today is a new day. One that we were not promised, therefore it is a gift.. and as i'm sure you've heard ~ That is why Today is called the "present".
I am going to look for the beauty in today. Every day! and what I find, I will share here. In this open forum.
I encourage you to consider this and doing the same. I'd like to hear your thoughts and findings from each beautiful moment in your day.

Change of Plans

To tell you where I am going~ I must first tell you where I've been.
I've enjoyed the comforts in life... When I have been able to find them. I've also experienced the heartaches of life and the discomforts of actually living it.
No one should be able to say that they can't rejoice during the good times, grieve through the sad times and appreciate everything
in between.
Truly it's the in between that brings me to this very moment.
  The cusp of something  that's hopefully far greater than myself. 
The in between is where I have lived~ an undetermined amount of years. The problem is I haven't really been living it.
I have my 31st birthday coming up~ in one week actually,
and nothing is as I thought it would be.
There are days when I cease to realize my purpose in this life, and I think "where do I go from here?"
I intend to find out .In 365 days ~I hope to:
  1. Find my bliss
  2. Rekindle my Love for Life
  3. and somehow, in small ways- leave a larger mark in the hearts of others.. making the world a better place.
 Embrace yet another change in plans.
Funny how things never quite turn out the way you want or expect them to.. but sometimes.. they turn out much better
than you could have ever imagined. I'm curious to see where this road leads...