Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You have to have a little rain~ before you get a rainbow.

No matter HOW incredibly dark the sky may be above you.. There is something we all must remember:
Once the storm passes.. The sun will rise again. It always does. Like a faithful friend It rises gloriuosly over the horizon and dries away all of the puddles that were left behind.
Over the years I have undoubtedly cried a river. I have seen loss in Epic proportions, I have also felt it too. There is a huge difference in the way we see things and the way we feel them. For instance, I can see something amazing that might take your breath away- but if I dont let the effects of what I have just seen reach the depths of my soul~ I never feel it. Which means I am the poor soul who just beheld something magical and it never took my breath away.
We have to be willing to let moments like these in.. In order to TRULY live.
I may not know much about a whole lot of things, but what I do know... I know well.
Empathy. A word all but forgotten in today's society. I know empathy so well, that at times I have become temporarily depressed simply because the stranger next to me sighed and I felt the weight of that sigh in the depths of my soul. Then I carried that weight around with me for a time.
 If things are ever going to change. WE must be the first to annitiate it. Today is a new day. One that we were not promised, therefore it is a gift.. and as i'm sure you've heard ~ That is why Today is called the "present".
I am going to look for the beauty in today. Every day! and what I find, I will share here. In this open forum.
I encourage you to consider this and doing the same. I'd like to hear your thoughts and findings from each beautiful moment in your day.

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  1. I think it is sooo easy to forget what we already have and spend way to much time investing our energy in focusing on stuff we dont have which canbe draining.

    Love your honesty in this post and howz it going with the whole looking for the beauty in each day going? I look forward to reading more of your stuff Leslie